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[share_ebook] Beastly: A Novel - Alex Flinn

作者: Alex Flinn

日期: January 1, 2007

出版社: Harperteen

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share_ebook Beastly A Novel Alex Flinn

Beastly: A Novel
Alex Flinn | Harperteen | January 1, 2007 | pages | English | pdf,mobi,epub,lit

"Kyle Kingsbury, you are beastly." That's what Kendra said. Beastly. But Kyle had it all: popularity, good looks, money, and any girl he wanted. Kyle never missed an opportunity to let the inferior people know just how far beneath him they were, including his best friend, whose dad was merely a doctor. Kyle's dad was the nightly New York City news anchor. At Tuttle, an elite school for the richest of the rich, Kyle was a somebody. Until the school dance. Until his stupid maid bought his girlfriend a rose instead of an orchid for her corsage, which Kyle tossed to a scholarship student. Until he deliberately set up Kendra to be embarrassed and humiliated when she realized that he, Prince of the dance, already had a date and never intended to be her escort. Until Kendra appeared in his bedroom and he received his "comeuppance." "You will know what it is like not to be beautiful, to be as ugly on the outside as on the inside..." The clock struck midnight and Kyle was left a beast, with only a magic mirror for company. Kyle's famous dad vows to spend whatever it takes to cure his son's affliction. When he realizes even his money isn't enough to find a cure, he banishes his son, with their maid and a tutor, to a New York brownstone. Will Kyle ever be able to break the curse? Will he find true love's kiss or be forever doomed to roam the New York City streets in the dark of night, hidden as the beast? BEASTLY, by Alex Flinn, is a modern retelling of Beauty and the Beast. This novel is just plain fun . Ms. Flinn creates the perfect romantic tension when Kyle finds his true love and then has to let her go. Like the fragrance of the perfect rose, BEASTLY will linger with the reader, leaving the feeling that life is indeed good long after the pages of the book have been pressed closed.


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